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The Media Clique Introduces Marketing Packages for SME’s and Individuals

An online Marketing Strategy is often overlooked when professionals and small businesses gear up their Marketing Plans for the new year. At the Clique, our mission is to create exceptional online experiences, allowing more opportunities for growth through a variety of internet or online marketing strategies, impressive design and an overall stronger online presence.

As agency fees are often untenable for small businesses, we have created internet marketing packages that are comprehensive, flexible and accessible. The packages differ based on the number of hours or contracted work. Hourly rates have been discounted for small businesses and The Media Clique will keep the discounted rate for any overtime hours worked.

An Outline of our Internet/Online Marketing Packages

The Small Business/Professional Online Marketing Package offered by The Media Clique is designed to ensure small businesses or professionals have an edge in an increasingly competitive online environment.

While a wide variety of services are included in this package, some of the most sought-after include Website Design and other Graphic Design Services, Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing and Website Analytics and Tracking.

The Media Clique has a reputation for being friendly, reliable and fun to work with. Our team includes an impressive line-up of professionals that spans from graphic designers and marketing professionals to IT Developers and multi-media specialists.

How do we get started?

Getting started with our retained online packages is easy, fill out our online contact form or contact us via email and we will run a FREE website analysis for you. From there, we would like to discuss our findings and provide suggestions based on the feedback. The Clique will lay out a set of goals, any deliverables and provide a proposal on cost. There is no cost for the pre-audit phase of the process, it forms the basis for our relationship and the start of bigger and better online experiences.

Our sole purpose, is to assist our clients in building their brands, promoting their businesses and taking meticulous care of our clients' needs. In an ever-changing industry, our policy is to never stop learning and to remain agile. Get in touch today!