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Does Your Business need a Professional Copywriter? Yes! Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Persuasive marketing needs persuasive content – the foundation of which is relevant and precise copy. According to Quicksprout, 36% of marketers feel that their efforts lack the appropriate engagement, meaning the targeted customers/clients are not engaging with businesses or taking note of the marketing messages and CTA’s (Call to Actions). Having great content with clear messages not only ensures that your business’ public profiles are up to a high professional standard, but also brings about other benefits: Relevant and Concise Messaging When looking at your business’ content, it is important to note that over 50% of visitors to your website or social profiles spend less than 15 seconds o

SEO tips from The Media Clique

There’s quite a few factors to consider when creating your website and or social pages to rank higher in Google’s organic search engine results. While Search Engine Optimisation can be an extensive exercise, it is commonly agreed that the most common criteria entail: Keywords Backlinks Content Alt tags and overall performance of the website in general When advising our clients, we always mention that SEO will take care of itself if one is careful to update it consistently, especially if there’s associated PR links that can be added to the site. Always ensure that your keywords correspond to the keywords used on your social profiles and or articles posted and be sure to add them to the tags w

How can we assist?

The Media Clique offers a wide variety of creative and content services to our clients, customized to fit their specific needs. You may be a large corporation looking for a step-by-step plan of action or a small startup in need of a dynamic online presence. No matter what your needs are, The Media Clique can provide you with the necessary guidance and best practices every step of the way.

Social Media Matters

Different social media platforms and the marketing strategies that fuel them most effectively are constantly evolving, just like the preferences and behavior patterns of the users. Remember to: • Work for Conversions, not clicks - Although clicks are nice (think “likes” or “shares” on Social Media) the ultimate goal is new business. All your ads and other marketing material should contain a clear call to action “Call/contact us today” • Have quality, original content that contributes to a positive user experience - Having tons of thin content will not get you the user engagement you need. Keep it relevant. • Continued SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Search Engine Optimization is a process





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